Milk Storage Tanks
Nature of work undertaken

All type of Stainless Steel and M.S. Fabrication for Textile Industries, Food Industries, Chemical Industries, Beverages as well as Pharmaceutical Industries. Manufacturing of SPM and custom built equipments. Storage tank with jacket insulated up to 1 lakh liter, Storage Tanks for Milk, Chemicals and food of various sizes and capacity range 20 liters to 1 Lakhs liters, Mixing tanks, Steam jacketed tanks, Dimple jacketed tanks, Processing tanks, Scraper type / Agitation tank, Spray dryers, Butter charn, Pressure vessels, Divert panels, Assembly of spira flow, Various equipments required for Pharmaceutical Industries, Various type of material handling systems as well as packaging systems as per customer, Any type of complicated pressed components. Any type of Ferrous and Non Ferrous welding.